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[MUST READ] Server Rules

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[MUST READ] Server Rules

Post by MaiYan on Sun Aug 28, 2016 11:16 am

SerVer Rules

No death evading

You may not quit, kill, or intentionally crash VC:MP as you are dying or near death. You may, however, quit after the death message appears in the chatbox (Player1 killed Player2).

Ban evading is strictly forbidden

Joining the server after being banned, or joining the server before a tempban on you has expired will result in you being permanently banned from the event on sight.

No breaching accounts

In conjunction with the above rule, each applying player is granted exactly one account. Any attempt to coerce administrators into resetting a password that is not yours, exploiting the server to join an account that is not yours, registering for the event multiple times or otherwise joining under any nickname under the one you were given will result in a permanent ban.

No spamming

Flooding the public chat, team chat or IRC with repeated messages or random garbage, is frowned upon and may result in you being muted or kicked.

The following game exploits/features are not allowed
Using rockets in one-on-one close range combat is not allowed [5m].
Heli-killing is allowed EXCEPT from under the map
HP hacks: infinite health/vehicle health, refilling HP by illegal means [only video as evidence

No abusing administrative powers
Any attempts from moderators or administrators to use the commands they were entrusted with to give their team or themselves an unfair advantage over opponents or for any purpose other than enforcing these rules will result in demotion.

1. Don't use any cheats.
Don't use any cheats which gives you any advantages or/and advantage.
Punishment: permanent ban

2. Don't use any mods.
Mod modifies your files in GTA VC folder and it can give you any advantage.
Example: parkour mode, ped.ifp, infinity run and others.
Exceptions are texture mods.
Punishment: permanent ban

3. Don't use any programs which violate working VCMP like dos, exploits, crashers and etc.
Punishment: permanent ban.

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